Suddenly, I Knew


First light peeked its way through the drawn curtains of the flat’s master bedroom where the established couple of two years slept soundly. The light of summer caught Patrick’s eye as he began to stir, accompanied by a faint stirring from his daughter in the nursery. Usually Shelagh would have been up by the crack of dawn, but after the night they had, he wasn’t surprised. Patrick smirked to himself a bit proudly. Angela wasn’t wailing in distress over the baby monitor, he could sneak in a couple of minutes just watching his wife. Watching her sleep with content in her stilled, peaceful slumber was one of his favorite views. ‘God’ he thought, she is so beautiful and his, completely.

As he lay there watching her, Angela in the distance and Timothy in the neighboring room a couple doors down he thought, ‘how did I get so lucky?’ What had he done to be blessed with such a family? An incredibly smart (sometimes cheeky) son, an angel daughter that found her place in their hearts, and his wife…Mrs. Shelagh Turner.

Soon his wife began to move slightly. “Well good morning my beautiful wife.” She hid her head in the crook of his neck. “Why do you always make me blush? We’ve been married for two years, aren’t you a wee bit tired of watching me sleep by now?”

“Ha-” his chest rumbled next to her. “Never! How could I? I still can’t believe that after all this time you chose me.” He bent his head down to coerce her face to meet his lips. First a butterfly kiss on her forehead, traveling down her temple, cheek, and jawline. Finally he reached his destination, her neck.

Peppered kisses landed there to avoid any hickeys and the avoidance of explanations to follow if one of the nurses or nuns asked Shelagh where that “mark” came from. Patrick was effective in eliciting a response as she snaked her arms around his neck and dragged his head up for a kiss that increased in intensity. But something kept pestering in the back of Patrick’s mind that he wanted to ask. With the desire of inquiry and the need of oxygen, they reluctantly pulled away.

“Hmm, if that’s the response I get for calling you beautiful and watching you sleep, I’ll never stop.”

“You dafty man,” grinning she placed a light kiss on his lips, “I hope you never do, for I never will.”

He decided to ask. “How did I get so lucky Shelagh? I was able to have a second chance at life. I have Timothy, Angela, and I have you. All of you.” He stroked her tousled hair, which looked like golden silk as the sun’s light filled their room. The resemblance was akin to a beacon of hope, love, and a reminder that he was home. This was his permanent destination.

“Because Patrick, I couldn’t live another day without you. Not on that misty road nor when I saw you in the cafe. I knew God had laid out a path for me, but at first I was too timid, or rather too scared to follow it. I needed to embrace life and realize that we were, are meant for each other.”

His face grew serious. “When did you know?”

“Know what my love?” Shelagh asked as she began to stroke the worry lines of his face.

“That you, Shelagh, loved me. When you knew that this path was meant for you?”

She looked at him straight in the eye, “I knew on my part for a long time, but I also tried to stop feeling that way ‘bout you. Mostly because I was scared you only saw me as a friend, a fellow colleague and nothing more.” His grip tightened around her, “But.” she paused.

“But?” He asked eagerly, the suspension changed the atmosphere in the room, with desire swirling between them. But he waited, he needed to hear her answer.

“I knew in that moment, at the café and the events that followed. The actualization that you loved me suddenly dawned on me. That’s when I knew, I was completely and utterly yours, in every way I could’ve imagined.” Shelagh began to stroke his forearm, lightly brushing the hairs of his arms with her fingertips as she laid a hot kiss on his throat.

Patrick basked in her touch and initiating such contact (which always pleased him and had started to become a regular occurrence). “Hmm, tell me more.”

“I could Patrick, but I think I’d rather show you.” Her hand traveled back up his shoulder and into his hair, which had become a favorite activity of hers. A favorite form of contact they had both discovered in the early days of their marriage (among other things).

“I think I’d prefer that too my love.” He flipped them over so he could hover above her and began his morning ministrations, marveling over every inch of her body.

As for the other inhabitants in the flat, Angela hadn’t made a peep as of yet over the monitor. Thankfully she had fallen back asleep in her cot and it was still early for Timothy to be up. Their parents could wait a couple of minutes (or more) until their children had to be waken for breakfast.

Author’s Note:

If you made it this far, thank you so very much! This is my first ever fic and I hope you will enjoy the rest to come. I wrote this while inspired by Laura Main’s rendition of “Suddenly” and I might include the lyrics in the succeeding chapters! Also, I know this should be in my song inspired tab, but I’ll let it pass this time 😉


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