Suddenly, I Knew (II)

Chapter Two :

The wind swirled around her on the abandoned pier, the rusty railing creaked against the September air was the only noise heard on the deserted area. The salty air invaded the senses as she tried to clear the worries of her head. A number of thoughts and feelings were felt that she finally had the urge, the need to cry. Alone on the pier seemed appropriate, a place aside from her everyday life where she felt secluded and could physical express her internal battle.

A sob she had held since the early morning finally escaped her as she clenched forth on the railing. The only thing to tangibly support her as the emotions swallowed her whole. Tears started to fall, but it felt nice to release the frustration of worries. It was just her and the urban wilderness of Poplar where Shelagh Mannion felt the assurance of privacy. In her own little world she didn’t notice the pull up of a car from behind. The cut off of its engine and the opening of a certain sage green vintage car door.

“Nurse Mannion?” Shelagh turned without thinking, but knew whose voice that belonged to. “Dr. Turner?” Their eyes meant and there was no place for her to escape; nowhere to run and she couldn’t hide within herself. On a number of occasions she could, but it always felt as if Dr. Turner could see her no matter how hard she tried. Shelagh was being foolish, there was no way he felt the same way.

“Nurse, are you alright? I mean of course you’re not and you must be freezing as well.” Dr. Turner strolled up towards her, reaching out his hand, but withdrew it. He was being silly.

“I’m sure you don’t want the old GP prying into your personal life, but could I offer you a ride? The weather is terrible for tears and I wouldn’t, I mean Nonnatus house couldn’t afford to be without you.”

‘There I go again’ he thought, blabbering away like a royal idiot. He would have lit a cigarette by now, but was currently in the process of reducing his amount over the years. Instead, he learned to keep one in his pocket for comfort; a sense of familiarity and only lit one on those rare occasions. After moments of silence passed he started to feel rather awkward in her presence.

After many years knowing Nurse Mannion he had never seen her cry and didn’t know how to react. In the coming months he felt different around her and had started to notice her more. Especially after the Carter pregnancy fiasco and even before that if he was being perfectly honest with himself.

A touch here, a glance there had started to become more, a lot more. What was he thinking, she’s basically a nun (or rather lives and upholds the same values as one), years younger, and he has a child. No one, especially her would want to be with him, but he couldn’t help the feelings that were starting to manifest. For there she was, tears present yet her natural beauty still shined through and he found himself immersed with concern.

“Would you like a ride?”

Shelagh had been standing there for what felt like an eternity, tears streaming down her face, but hadn’t moved a muscle. She couldn’t believe the luck she had with timing (which never seemed to go right) and cursed herself for not staying home on her day off. Shelagh opened her mouth to speak, but the words escaped her. ‘I shouldn’t’ is what she wanted to say, but instead-

“I’m terribly sorry, but yes. If you wouldn’t mind…”

“Of course not! I would be honored and it’s no trouble. I’m the one who should be sorry. I didn’t mean to catch you off guard, but I’m glad I did.” He brought his hand up to her, gently rubbing his thumb along her shoulder. Even through the winter coat, her skin was titillating from the contact and was becoming rather light headed.

“No, really Dr. Turner. I shouldn’t even be out here in this weather. I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be. Come on then Nurse, I know a quaint café not too far from here. A nice bit of tea and you’ll feel fresh.”

“You’re very kind, but I couldn’t. I haven’t any money and I wouldn’t want to impose.” Reaching up, she tried to clean up the rest of her tears, but stopped herself as Dr. Turner looked on. He took a handkerchief out of his breast pocket and without thinking, reached up to dry her tears.

“But I insist. Besides, I am in need of a nice cup as well. I’ll text someone from my surgery to pick up your bike right away.” Shelagh felt as if the world had stopped. Her breathing was caught in her throat that prevented her from answering. Instead she found herself smiling at his friendly offer, shaking her head in confirmation.

“Good. Shall we then.”

“I can still remember

When I looked at your face

Such innocence and beauty

Your eyes met mine

I felt out of place

I knew right then you saw me…”

Author’s Note:

One of the shorter chapters I have played around with, not too sure if I should have added more or not. Ugh, oh well and I have finally added the lyrics, which hopefully made sense! I hope you all enjoyed it!


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