Suddenly, I Knew (V)

Chapter Five:

The ride over was unexpected and completely different than the other times they shared such a journey. Doctor Turner’s MG was fully repaired from their previous excursion and didn’t waver over the short distance to the clinic. ‘Thank goodness’ thought Doctor Turner. Even the chatter seemed to flow easily between the pair; filled with more probing questions on who bestowed Nurse Mannion her cigarettes. A short discussion on quitting and the alternatives available, for it was a poor health behavior they indulged in.

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Hyacinths & Sunflowers

“Sweetheart.” He nuzzled into her ear, trying to ease his wife out of her deep slumber. Usually Shelagh would have been up at the crack of dawn or before Patrick was even up. But the past few days were a whirlwind, filled with the healthcare services of Poplar and family duties that Shelagh was adamant in caring for. Bossy Shelagh, in Patrick’s opinion, could never be disputed and he would follow her orders to whatever end.

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