Hyacinths & Sunflowers

“Sweetheart.” He nuzzled into her ear, trying to ease his wife out of her deep slumber. Usually Shelagh would have been up at the crack of dawn or before Patrick was even up. But the past few days were a whirlwind, filled with the healthcare services of Poplar and family duties that Shelagh was adamant in caring for. Bossy Shelagh, in Patrick’s opinion, could never be disputed and he would follow her orders to whatever end.

“Hmm, that feels good.”

“I’m glad you like it, but you’ll need to get up my love.”

“Not even 5 more minutes, isn’t Sunday? We aren’t going to church today, unless you’ve changed your mind.”

“Well, you’re right that it is Sunday, but we’ve got a surprise for you.”

“We?” She sat up then and tried to rub the sleepiness away. “I might still be a wee tired, but all I see is you dear.”

“The missing duo are downstairs with a special present for you. I was assigned the task in waking sleeping beauty.”

A smile spread across her features, which Patrick couldn’t resist. He kissed her nose, then both her eyes and reached to pull her up to him.

“But Patrick it isn’t my birthday, I can’t think of anything else to warrant such treatment.”

“Ah, my beautiful wife, but there is one day universally shared and it’s for all the lovely mothers out there.”

His smile only grew as he watched her mind work through what he just said as he reached for her robe.

“I know we haven’t celebrated it in the past and I know even now seems inopportune, but you’re a mother of two lovely children. They really wanted to do something special for you and so do I.”

“But Patrick, I’m a mother and wife because I love you all so much. It seems impractical for all of you to-” But he didn’t let her finish as he silenced her with a kiss, leaving them both a little breathless.

“It’s not impractical and you deserve it, trust me. Now, I know you don’t like gifts, but I have a few things planned. Let this be the first of many.” He made the short distance to their window still and picked up a well concealed bundle.

“What on earth?”

“I thought you might like these. I know they will always bring a smile to my face.”

The bundle in question was a medium sized bouquet of sunflowers mixed with hyacinths. To an outside observer it would have seemed to be an odd flower arrangement, but meant so much more to the both of them. The tale of their unity that officially brought the couple together and an official seal in becoming Timothy’s second mother. Then the day when a certain baby next to a sunflower became their daughter.

“Oh Patrick.” Tears were starting to peak through her lashes, but she didn’t want to spoil the moment with her emotions.

“You wouldn’t believe the convincing I went through with the florist. They thought the two wouldn’t go well together, but I simply wouldn’t hear of it.”

“They’re beautiful Patrick, they truly are. Thank you.”

She reached up to press a kiss on both his cheeks, nose, and finally his lips. But their names distracted them from any further activities.

“I hope mom’s awake and nothing too mushy is going on up there!” Called Timothy from the bottom staircase; annoyed that a 10 minute task was becoming a 20 minute excursion.

“Oh dear, I guess we’ve been up here far too long.”

“Don’t worry. Besides, we’re saving him from all the mushy moments.”

“I’m afraid the mushy moments won’t stop here. I think I’ll be rewarding you all day.”

“Let’s hope Tim doesn’t complain too much then, especially on Mother’s day my love.”


I hope you all enjoyed this little moment that I wanted to post here as well!


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