The Start of Things

Her pain went unspoken for many months, weeks, and days leading up to her release. She had shielded her thoughts, the effect was akin to a thunderstorm, brewing in the distance. She never wished to make a fuss, choosing to suffer in silence, but he took notice of her. He saw her when no one else did and in turn, their feelings were realized.

It started as a simple exchange of words, volumes exchanged between glances, their eyes unknowingly seeking the other, and finally the touch of their hands, which led to a kiss. A kiss too brief it left one wondering if it even took place, but for the other, it felt as if time had stopped. But she knew the action was wrong and turned away from such temptation. She belonged to the Order and was merely a servant of the Lord, not one to break her religious vows.

A short passage of time had took place, death was faced for one as the other realized the prospect of losing her. Their revelations were finally made known and soon letters followed, revealing his feelings for the woman who had stolen his heart away. The other had decided to take action, revealing her choice over the telephone to him, and set forth to travel along the misty road.

Mist had obscured her sense of direction and had missed the bus back to Poplar. She found herself wandering the road alone, her figure obscured by the water droplets suspended in the atmosphere, but like he said, he saw her. Visibility would not separate the two, as his MG pulled to a halt and both knew the other was there. He emerged from the car, drinking in her new appearance.

For a moment he thought his eyes had deceived him, for she was no longer cloaked in the habit. ‘Does this mean she’s choosing me, choosing us?’ were his initial thoughts, which he desperately wanted to voice, but ran up to her instead. He was compelled to touch her and so he did, containing his actions to that of a physician while his insides were screaming for more. She shivered at his touch, never wanting anything else in the world than his hands on her body.

He was a gentleman and restrained himself as he went to cover her with his coat. Showering her in his scent while he tightened his grasp at the collar, ensuring the actuality of their moment. Confirming the presence of Sister-no, she didn’t go by that name anymore. He realized then, there was a great deal more to be known about the former Sister and would do anything to know every detail about her.

His undeclared observation was answered when they exchanged their first names and went back to the MG. His arm draped over her shoulder, while his hand held on to hers. A sensation they would never forget, but reluctantly parted for the journey home. Back to the familiar surroundings of Poplar, back to the surgery, the clinic, and to Nonnatus House.

Nothing around them had changed, a fact not true for the couple. They both realized this fact as he drew her hands to his lips, placing a gentle kiss upon her knuckles. Everything from then on would be different, but would be experienced together as Shelagh and Patrick.


Trying something a little different, with a full narration and no dialogue!


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