The Morning After

Everything was blurry at first, but the presence of light helped in rousing her awake. She had sat up in an effort to further waken her senses, but only experienced confusion. The daze yielded from a very good night’s sleep persisted as she tried to recognize her unknown surroundings. At first, she noted how the room was nothing like her cell at Nonnatus House. It was larger, the walls a lighter tone, and even the window letting in the morning’s rays was different.

She then switched her attention to what she was sitting on, taking in the softness of the mattress, which was a great deal more comfortable than her previous bed. Her attention was then drawn to herself. Looking down at her slip, touching the silk fabric, and then noticed the movement of another body next to her.

In that moment the haze had finally cleared, she was able to realize where she was and smiled contently to herself. The form next to her didn’t take as long to remember where he was or what had transpired last night. He sat up behind her, encompassing her form in a tight back hug. He held onto her for a few moments before he started to lay a trail of kisses along her shoulder, brushing her hair aside to continue the action up her neck.

His lips were soft, gentle against her skin as he continued to drag out each kiss. She got lost in the moment, her breathing became heavy, hitched in her throat from his warm breath and lips against her exposed area.

She was only able to release his name, “Patrick,” from her half-parted lips, barely above a whisper.

“Hmm?” was his simple response as Patrick continued his post-wedding night ministrations.

“We should get up. It would be improper to stay in bed any longer. I mean,” but Shelagh was cut off when he broke contact for a moment to invade another area of her body, behind her ear. Shelagh couldn’t help but lose concentration, her worries dying down on her lips while she became lost in the feeling of their love-making.

“You,” as he delivered one tender kiss, “were,” then another, “saying?” upon her irresistible skin.

“That, that we should get up.”

“But we are up.”

“Yes, but to dress and not spend all day in bed.”

“What’s wrong with that?” Patrick asked while he tried to entice her further with the devilish moment of his hands.

“My love, you don’t have to worry anymore what people think. We’re husband and wife now, forever linked and our business is our own.”

Shelagh allowed his words to sink in and looked down at her left ring finger, at the wedding band and ring which sparkled. She knew Patrick was right and decided to throw caution out the window, deciding to be daring for him.

“Alright then,” breaking free from Patrick to pull her slip over her head and only letting the duvet cover her bare form. She turned her head over her shoulder, smiling triumphantly back.

“Why my bold wife,” returning her smile and pulling her down with him. He proceeded to kiss her equally eager lips as his hand removed the duvet and brushed against her exposed breasts.

Their day was filled with the bliss and wonder marriage has to offer, their love unfolding as he loomed over her. Their eyes bore into one another, they exchanged the familiar sound of heavy breathing and shared in the experience of reaching towards heaven. Again, they found themselves cocooned in each other’s arms. Sleep taking over their bodies to re-energize themselves for the rest of their days shared as husband and wife. As Doctor and Mrs. Turner with their son Timothy and hopefully, the arrival of another family member to come.


Baby kettle because I would probably squeal way too much if I wrote any more (I mean one day maybe) or it wouldn’t end up so great. Hope you like!


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