Hello all! I wonder if all who visit here are Nonnatuns as well, but if not, welcome all the same! I have immersed myself into the world of Call the Midwife and by far, my favorite OTP of all time. Turnadette/ Shelagh & Patrick are truly amazing and a heavenly couple paired together. I am indebted to Heidi Thomas McGann for bringing these two together, no matter what the book had in-store for them.

I have been inspired by so many writers, no matter the platform and I have finally put my own phalanges to use by writing out my ideas for these two characters. I am still new to a lot of things, for I have yet to live life to the fullest. However, I am a quick learner and thanks to Shelagh & Patrick, I can live a bit vicariously.

Please be gentle, kind, and patient with me! I hope I can bring my own twist to this lovely couple and the world of Call the Midwife, thanks.


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