The Morning After

Everything was blurry at first, but the presence of light helped in rousing her awake. She had sat up in an effort to further waken her senses, but only experienced confusion. The daze yielded from a very good night’s sleep persisted as she tried to recognize her unknown surroundings. At first, she noted how the room was nothing like her cell at Nonnatus House. It was larger, the walls a lighter tone, and even the window letting in the morning’s rays was different.

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The Painting

She didn’t expect the extent of her bodily pain nor the emotional scarring following her surgery. She was fooling herself in believing everything would fall back into place once they arrived home. Shelagh had left many tears behind on the patient bed of Dr. Horringer, on the road from Harley Street to their flat. But the tears continued on even when Patrick held her, through his endless kisses, and when he would let go.

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Your Hues Always Changing

The summer air breezed through the secluded park area, far from the daily lives of Poplar residents. Away from the store owners selling their merchandise and the grocers filled with self-grown to imported goods. Worlds away from the duties of Nonnatus House and the maternity clinic.

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Hyacinths & Sunflowers

“Sweetheart.” He nuzzled into her ear, trying to ease his wife out of her deep slumber. Usually Shelagh would have been up at the crack of dawn or before Patrick was even up. But the past few days were a whirlwind, filled with the healthcare services of Poplar and family duties that Shelagh was adamant in caring for. Bossy Shelagh, in Patrick’s opinion, could never be disputed and he would follow her orders to whatever end.

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Home Reveries

‘Had it really been a year and a half since his family was truly complete?’ Patrick thought to himself as he watched his one year old daughter squirm around silently in her cot. She would never know (perhaps one day) the struggles his wife and him bared until the coming days of her adoption. Coupled by the internal scarring of Shelagh’s infertility and his, the mental scaring left after the war.

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