Suddenly, I Knew (VII)

Chapter Seven:

It was later than usual when Shelagh was called into Sister Julienne’s office and on the way there, Shelagh briefly reflected the events of the day, which weighed heavily on Shelagh’s mind. The nurses had dropped discussing Shelagh’s path into the religious life, but every now and then, Shelagh could tell Trixie wanted to discuss more on the matter. Even throughout dinner, but thankfully Cynthia had reined in Trixie’s mood.

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Suddenly, I Knew (VI)

Chapter Six:

“Here you go Dad.”

“What’s this?” The item in question was a medium sized, rolled up sheet of parchment, which seemed ordinary, but Patrick had some idea what it was. A drawing without a doubt, its context to remain a mystery until revealed by Timothy, but he was never this secretive with his drawings before. Timothy was getting rather good for his age and was usually proud of his artwork.

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Suddenly, I Knew (V)

Chapter Five:

The ride over was unexpected and completely different than the other times they shared such a journey. Doctor Turner’s MG was fully repaired from their previous excursion and didn’t waver over the short distance to the clinic. ‘Thank goodness’ thought Doctor Turner. Even the chatter seemed to flow easily between the pair; filled with more probing questions on who bestowed Nurse Mannion her cigarettes. A short discussion on quitting and the alternatives available, for it was a poor health behavior they indulged in.

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Suddenly, I Knew (III)

Chapter Three:

To say the car ride over was awkward would have been an understatement. Both parties found themselves silenced by embarrassment and anxiety. Right before they began their journey to the café, they had caught scent of each other and were surprised by its impact. Nurse Mannion smelled of lavender mixed with fresh morning dew. Whereas Dr. Turner had a faint smell of anti-septic wash mixed with a hint of old-fashioned brylcreem hair product. Neither one could shake off the chill it sent through their bodies and remedied it with silence. However, it was Dr. Turner that finally broke the air of quietness.

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Suddenly, I Knew (II)

Chapter Two :

The wind swirled around her on the abandoned pier, the rusty railing creaked against the September air was the only noise heard on the deserted area. The salty air invaded the senses as she tried to clear the worries of her head. A number of thoughts and feelings were felt that she finally had the urge, the need to cry. Alone on the pier seemed appropriate, a place aside from her everyday life where she felt secluded and could physical express her internal battle.

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Suddenly, I Knew (I)

Chapter One: 

Shelagh Mannion felt like she was suffocating as she rolled out of bed. Unable to bare the turmoil as she bent over the porcelain sink. Her reflection in the mirror was no different than any other day, but she couldn’t recognize the woman that stared back at her. What was she doing, or rather, why were her thoughts consumed of him? The woman before her shouldn’t have these feelings. “Get it together Shelagh, this isn’t like you.” Determination filled her eyes as she turned to ready herself for the day, which had an air of misfortune already about it.

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